How to Be Saved from Sin

The Good News (Gospel):

Jesus is the Son of God, who chose to become flesh for our sakes.  He lived a perfect, without-sin life so that He could offer His life as a substitute for us.  Through His innocent death He paid the penalty for our sins.  To confirm this fact, God raised Him from the dead.  God then made Him Lord of all the earth. 

Jesus saves/rescues us from the consequence of our sin.  By receiving Jesus as your Savior and turning your life over to Him as your Lord to live in obedience to Him God promises to pardon you of all sin, place His Holy Spirit within you, give you a changed heart, adopt you into His family, and give you eternal life after death.  These are God's promises to all who will receive Jesus.  Jesus commands us to then be baptized into His name as a public demonstration of our new commitment to Him.  

We encourage you to become one of His followers by putting your trust (faith) in the promises of God and receive Jesus as your Savior and Lord, choosing to believe all His teachings and obey all His commands. 

If you have not been baptized as a believer (not the same as being "baptized" as an infant) then call us about being baptized as a public demonstration of your faith in, and commitment to, Jesus.


Sample prayer to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord: 

Jesus, I admit that I am a sinner against God.  I need a rescuer, a savior.  I believe You are the Savior I need because God, the Father sent You to die for my sins.  I believe You did so and were raised from the dead by the Holy Spirit.  I now receive You as my Savior and turn my life over to You as Lord.  Change me.  Fill me with the Holy Spirit.  Teach me all Your will for me.  Guide me in baptism.  Lead me to a church to grow as Your follower.  Amen.

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